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The Berrics | Rachelle Vinberg Interview

The Berrics Skate Kitchen Interview

“Over the past couple of years, The Skate Kitchen has been everywhere. From features in Nylon and Paper magazines to Nike campaigns, these girls are clearly destined for stardom. A significant crossover moment is set to happen next month when Crystal Moselle’s film about the crew is released in theaters. It stars Rachelle Vinberg opposite of Jaden Smith in what looks to be a 2018 version of Larry Clark’s Kids [1995] told from a female perspective. Similar to Clark’s cult classic, Skate Kitchen is loosely based on the girls’ real lives with founding member Vinberg at the center of it.

At only 19, Vinberg can best be described as a millennial incarnation of the prototypical Downtown New York It Girl who happens to have a mean tre flip. Given the waves that her crew has been making lately, I decided to catch up with her during adidas’ 3MC launch event at The Flower Shop in the Lower East Side, where she was showing her photography alongside a group of influencers hand-picked by the brand to tell their own personal stories of experiences wearing the shoes.

Slightly reserved and a bit wary of the sudden fame that found her almost by accident, Vinberg broke down how The Skate Kitchen crew and film came to be, why female skateboarding’s current moment is so important for the culture, and where she sees this movement going in the future. My biggest takeaway from meeting her is that whatever that “it” factor is, Vinberg definitely has it. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing much more of her both in and outside of skateboarding in the future.” – Leland Ware

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