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Jenkem | Creating New Spaces in Skateboard Media

Jenkem Mag

“A while back I interviewed Fabiana Delfino, and we talked about how we both felt there weren’t enough female filmers and photographers working in the pro skating ranks. She told me she often found it hard to find women to film or shoot photos with, and it got me thinking about just how many women were actually out there filming, shooting, writing, and working the media angle of skateboarding.

After some quick searches I realized that really I was living under a rock, and there are a bunch of women covering sides of skateboarding that we just aren’t paying attention to. And if us guys at Jenkem, given our obsessive consumption of skate media, were unaware of some of their work, you might be unaware as well.

We wanted to highlight some of these women as a reminder that you don’t need a big media operation to have an impact and have your message resonate. Read on to learn how they’re creating new spaces in skate media.” – Alexis Castro / Jenkem

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