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What Youth | Fairly Normal – Beatrice Domond

A humble and talented skater originally hailing from South Florida, Beatrice has been on the New York City skate scene for a while now. And, she’s been busy pushing around the city while also making appearances in edits like “Cherry”, “Boys Of Summer”, and more recently in “Awake”. She is the real deal with many NY legends including Jason Dill, Bill Strobeck, and Mark Gonzales backing her program. Her sponsors are pretty legit too with Supreme, FA, Venture, Spitfire and Vans keeping her geared up.

The talented Jeff Alper moved to the Big Apple recently and got to spend a day with Beatrice at Tompkins Square Park. It’s safe to say she lives up to the hype as a skater, and as a person. Enjoy the latest chapter of Fairly Normal.