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Adidas | Team Superstar: Jenn Soto

Adidas Jenn Soto

“From picking up a skateboard at age 11 to competing on the world stage, Jenn Soto’s one to watch—if you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse. A member of the USA Skateboarding Team and the adidas Pro Skateboarding team, she’s known for her smooth and technical skate style on ledges, big stairs, long rails and flip tricks. TLDR; Jenn is one of the world’s best, and she’s just getting started.

Born in the Bronx and raised in Jersey City, Jenn first came on to the scene at the X Games and Street League—the two biggest televised professional skateboard contests in the world. Though competitive skateboarding is a solo gig, the community around it is one of Jenn’s favorite parts of the sport. “There’s a bunch of teams everywhere. It’s like you have your crew, you have the people you skate for and it’s always amazing, just the camaraderie that everyone has with each other,” she says.”

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