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Red Bull | Nora Vasconcellos SŌLUS 2021 Entry

Everyone loves Nora. She knows how to make skating look fun and effortless all the while having a huge smile on her face. And maybe even doing some dance moves on the deck. But don’t worry, she’s got plenty of moves on the board as well.

Nora skates for Welcome, adidas, Stance, CCS, Krux, Bronson, OJ Wheels, and MOB.

Red Bull SŌLUS is BACK and BETTER than ever!

Ryan Sheckler has once again opened the doors to his skatepark and invited 17 of the world’s most well-rounded skateboarders to battle it out in year two of Red Bull SŌLUS. Each skater has one hour to put together their best line at The Sandlot; no crowd, no other skaters, no distractions – just an internal battle to get the best line possible.