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Red Bull | Alexis Sablone SŌLUS 2021 Entry

Possibly the smartest skater in the Solus contest, Alexis Sablone has two master’s degrees to go along with her 20 plus year career in the skate spotlight. She is a legend of street skateboarding that commands the respect from the core group of the anti-contest skaters, while still being able to have that same audience cheer her on while she competes in the recent Tokyo Olympics. That’s the range all skaters want.

Alexis skates for Alltimers, Converse, Orchard Skate Shop, Thunder, and Dialtone.

Red Bull SŌLUS is BACK and BETTER than ever!

Ryan Sheckler has once again opened the doors to his skatepark and invited 17 of the world’s most well-rounded skateboarders to battle it out in year two of Red Bull SŌLUS. Each skater has one hour to put together their best line at The Sandlot; no crowd, no other skaters, no distractions – just an internal battle to get the best line possible.